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Do you have surgery scheduled? You need a pre-surgical checkup ahead of surgery. Ezra Morgan, MD, and Graham Dondlinger, MD, provide thorough pre-op checkups at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Woodbridge. They check whether you’re healthy enough for surgery and send your results to your surgeon. Book your pre-surgical checkup today at the Woodbridge, Virginia, clinic over the phone or schedule an appointment online.


What is a pre-surgical checkup?

A pre-surgical checkup is a medical visit scheduled ahead of surgery. You may have heard it called pre-op, which means before operation.

During this visit, you describe your medical history, such as past surgeries or chronic health conditions. Your provider also performs a physical exam. 

Sometimes, you may need tests, such as blood work or X-rays. Once your check is complete, your provider at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Woodbridge sends the information over to your surgeon’s office.

When should I schedule a pre-surgical checkup?

Ideally, schedule the checkup in the month before the date of your surgery. This gives your provider plenty of time to treat any health problems before surgery.

Is a pre-surgical checkup like a physical?

A physical is an annual health exam, while a pre-surgical checkup is more focused. What happens during your pre-surgical checkup depends on the type of surgical procedure you’re going to undergo. 

However, you can expect some commonalities. Similar to a physical, your doctor takes a complete medical history and examines you during a pre-surgical checkup. They take your vital signs and check your blood pressure.

Screening tests are also standard during a pre-surgical checkup. Your surgeon typically advises you of the tests you need, which may include: 

  • Blood tests – a complete blood count (CBC) and blood sugar, kidney, and liver tests
  • Chest X-ray – to check your lungs
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) – to check your heart

Some tests are recommended for all surgical patients, while the basis for others is your risk for certain medical conditions.

At your checkup, you also discuss medications you’re taking. This step is important. Be sure to tell your provider about vitamins and supplements too. Informing your provider of everything you’re taking helps to avoid any chances of a drug interaction during surgery. 

What if my pre-surgical checkup finds a health problem?

If a problem turns up, your provider at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Woodbridge forwards the results to your surgeon, who discusses a plan of action to address your health issue. It may be you need to delay your surgery and receive treatment to be in appropriate shape for surgery. 

Unforeseen health issues are a crucial reason to make sure to schedule your pre-surgical checkup well in advance of your procedure.

If you’ve got surgery coming up, AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Woodbridge offers comprehensive pre-surgical checkups to give you peace of mind before surgery. Call today or book a consultation online.